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Co-offered by the Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Social Sciences
The First Gender Studies Concentration in Hong Kong
Open to UGC-funded undergraduate students at HKBU from Sem 2, 2016/17

Gender Studies Launch Ceremony Feb 13, 2017

Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony

Information Session

Information Session

Talk by Prof. Ruby Lal

Talk by Prof. Ruby Lal

The Gender Studies Concentration aims at delivering a unique opportunity for students to add breadth to their major studies, through being exposed to the way gender intersects with a variety of spheres of knowledge, power relations, and professional settings.

One of the natural outgrowths of HKBU's heritage is our mission to produce academic and policy research that can develop and direct social conscience in the context of creating social transformation through robust interdisciplinary research.

As a result of the interconnectedness of the globalized world, and the resulting pressures that are constantly being brought to bear on societies, there has long been recognition in the Hong Kong community, especially among educators, policymakers, economists, and those in legal circles, that the historical problem of social inequality continues to impede the progressive development of Hong Kong into a truly cosmopolitan city, and thus to tarnish our international reputation. Falling birth rates and the dearth of women on the boards of Hong Kong companies (40% of Hong Kong companies have no women on their boards, and 37% only have one woman on their boards) are only two of many gender-related issues facing Hong Kong. In fact, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange has realized the need for regulatory intervention and now requires companies to report on their diversity policies since Sept. 1, 2013 ( With this in mind, Gender Studies as an academic and policy research domain taps into a timely need for higher education to address these and related issues.

Study Goals

After completing the Gender Studies Concentration, you will be able to:

  • Analyze in a systematic manner the social and cultural construction of gender in our own and other contexts from a variety of disciplinary perspectives;

  • Explain gender biases in society, knowledge, media, social justice, and everyday life;

  • Research on gender issues as they intersect with the hierarchies of class, race, ethnicity, sexuality, and with national and global formations, and so on.   

2019 Gender Studies Book Launch and Book Exhibition video

2017 Introduction to Gender Studies Concentration video

Our heartfelt congratulations to former Co-Chair Prof. Clara HO for being awarded the Humanities and Social Sciences Prestigious Fellowship Scheme by the Research Grants Council Hong Kong in the AY2021-22 round! We also have 4 committee members this year winning in the GRF/ECS funding scheme with their gender projects, namely Dr. CHOY Yuen Fung, Dr. CHEUNG Ka-lok, Dr. Benedict ROWLETT, and Dr. Jamin SHIM. 

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Testimonials from GSC Graduates

Living in a liberal and free society, everyone should enjoy the same rights in accordance with the value of equality. However, there are a lot of misunderstandings and pre-judgment towards different gender minorities that we should take into consideration. The Gender Studies Concentration provides us with the chance to study a variety of gender-related issues, like TGBT, sexual violence, gender inequality, etc, which allows us to rethink our attitude towards the minorities in daily social interactions. The GSC could help us build a boarder sense in gender issues, and it is useful for us to get involved in the industry of NGOs or public administration. I am lucky to be the first batch of students who have successfully claimed GSC upon graduation, and I recommend it to every HKBU student.  


- WONG Chi Hung, graduate of the Department of History who successfully claimed the Gender Studies Concentration in 2019

WONG Chi Hung_HIST.jpg

Gender Studies Concentration (GSC) provides me with not only the chance to study gender issues in a global context but also the reflections towards my everyday life and even the structures around me. The interdisciplinary background of GSC brings us adequate preparation for gender issues from different perspectives and also makes us capable to reflect on the intersectional nature. This concentration definitely broadened my horizon especially in the field of knowledge production and media (re)presentation. Without GSC, I might not be able to discover my interest in gender issues (non-binary, sexuality, power, media (pop culture, film and porn) and the connections in between). Thanks to GSC for triggering my passion, I am now studying my master’s degree in Social Studies of Gender in Lund (Sweden). There are so many amazing topics and debates in gender studies where you might have never imagined before. I do recommend you to discover the attraction inside via GSC.


- Tsang Suet Fung, graduate from the Department of Government and International Studies who successfully claimed the Gender Studies Concentration in 2019 

Tsang Suet Fung GIS photo.jpg

Are you interested in the Gender Studies Concentration? Please let us have your feedback by filling in this online survey. It will take you about 5 minutes. Your feedback will help us improve. Thank you very much!

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