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Structure of the Concentration

Concentration               Units

One required course        3

Six elective courses        18


Total Units                      21

Special Notes:


* Students must take ONE required course and SIX elective courses to fulfill the Concentration requirements.


* Students who have successfully accumulated 21 units required by the concentration programme may apply for graduation with concentration in March of your final year.

​* To ensure interdisciplinary diversity, students should choose the six elective courses by observing the following requirements:

1. At least four of the courses should be at 3000-level or above;

2. Choose courses from two or more Offering Departments.​​​

Elective Course 

A list of currently offered electives will be released at the beginning of each semester.

More relevant courses will be added in the future.

Required Course

(offered once every year)

GEND 3005 Gender, Society, Culture 


Semester 2, 2023-24 coordinators:

Dr. Howard Choy, Department of Chinese Language and Literature

Dr. Day Wong, Department of Sociology 

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